April 10, 2020

Understanding Craps – Casino Games Tips

When you walk into a casino, there’s always one table that seems to be an extremely intimidating game. Its table looks incredibly complicated, and there always seems to be an excess of people shouting and laughing and simply having fun. It’s very easy to feel apprehensive when approaching this seemingly intimate and highly charged game. However, if you do feel that way, then you’re certainly going to miss out on a lot. Craps is very enjoyable and despite how complicated it looks, the gameplay is actually rather easy to understand.


Something for Beginners and Something for Experts

In craps, all people start out as beginners. So if you see some guy looking and acting like a complete expert on the casino table, don’t be intimidated. That sort of guy is exactly what you need in order to learn craps. You won’t be playing against him anyway. In fact, all of you will be playing against the house so you’ve all got a common enemy.

As a beginner, all you really need to know is the ‘pass’ and ‘don’t pass’ bet. This is the most basic bet in craps and, in all truth, it’s the one most people make. This isn’t because all of them are beginners. Actually, most people only choose this bet because it’s a practical one to make, with decent odds of winning.


Learning as you go along

However, there are some people who believe that the whole point of gambling is to have fun, and that’s why they go for difficult and more complicated bets. Snake eyes, Ace Deuce, Easy Eight, Boxcars, Jimmie Hicks, Nina, Puppy Paws – those are some of the more complicated bets in Craps and what you’re likely to hear when you experienced and deep pocketed casino players are on the table. If you don’t understand them right now, don’t worry. The more you play, the more you’ll understand. Besides, there are usually several local variations for these bets anyway, so it would depend upon your location as well.

Just remember that if you want to get there somewhere, then observe. Sit back, be content with Pass or Don’t Pass bets at first, and just observe. When you’re confident or you’re feeling extra lucky, you can try these complicated bets out. Odds are that it will be difficult to win, but the payouts are huge. It’s not wise to keep making such risky bets, but every craps player should try them out at least once just to get the feel of it.