April 10, 2020

Most Popular Online Casino Games

Some online casinos have a really huge variety of games, boasting of having even the more obscure ones like Keno and War. However, the truth is that these games don’t really get much attention with players. They’re not very popular as opposed to the other casino games such as slots, blackjack, and poker. Ever wondered why these three are so popular? Well, the reason’s simple, actually…



Slots is the game that basically embodies gambling. Whenever you play slots, you completely surrender your fate to luck. There’s a huge chance that you won’t win as the odds are very much against you. However, should lady luck decide to smile upon you and grant you that coveted jackpot, then your life will change forever. This is especially true with online casinos, particularly with the progressive jackpots in certain slot games.

It’s a really straightforward game that doesn’t really involve any strategy. Just pull the lever or simply push the button and the reels will spin. Should the symbols align in the right way, then you’re in for some cash – big or small, depending on the combination you chanced upon.



Blackjack, otherwise called 21, is another game that’s highly popular in online casinos. It’s basically the perfect game for people who like to take their gambling with a side dish of strategy.  In this game, the player would compete with the dealer in terms of who has the better hand. Both the player and the dealer are given two cards each. The player’s cards will be face up and the dealer would have one card face up and the other face down. Depending on what the player sees, he can choose to hit or stand. There are also other Blackjack variations that offer additional options such as surrender. There’s quite a bit of strategizing involved in blackjack, though a huge chunk of it still depends on luck.



Poker is the only online casino game that depends more on skill than luck. Even if you are dealt the worst hands, you can always brazen it out and bluff yourself into a victory. It’s also a very flexible game wherein you can minimize your losses as much as possible by using a tight strategy or you can play aggressively and scare your opponents into losing. There are so many strategies for poker that there are countless books on the topic. Poker is the best game for people who like a challenge.